Thursday, August 11, 2011

Spaceships, machines, characters, creatures, interiors, and much more...

Our Entertainment Design students are working every day to create ideas and working studies for Games and Films.  The best of the best work together with modelers, animators and gamers creating assets for student projects like Project X films.  Here is a sampling of all kinds of student work being created here at Cogswell .  You could become one of them!


Sometimes funny is all you need. Daniel O'Guin.

Great turnarounds and expression sheet for Mr. Green, from Heng Feng.

Character options from a new student film.  You can see how the artist has to take a director's idea and create several iterations as the production narrows down the look of the film.

spooky and cool.

I'm pretty sure this is from Luis Carrasco, but I know this character was developed by more than one Cogswell artist.  For a new student film project; you saw it here first!

The probe room, another spaceship interior concept.

The scanner room, an early concept for "Worlds Apart".

Another from Brandon Russell.  Watch and learn, kiddies.

The Temple, from "The Offering".
Proposed landscape for an alien world, from a new project.  Nice!

Interior from a new student film project.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

more characters!

the China component

We have students from China every year now. They are so well trained over there but they all seem to want that American willingness to work towards the unexpected, and we're pretty good at that here at Cogswell.  Heng Feng is a good example; his work was beautiful when he arrived. He created a princess character and I challenged him to subvert the idea of a princess.  We had some back and forth about that notion and then he drew this character, which I really,  really liked.  Another character page below that shows her in all her many moods.

the most beautiful girl...

My favorite character in the whole world, for the moment.

This and the next two from a film Heng has been creating in China and here in the USA.


Designers have to offer many versions of an idea for the director to evaluate.  Here are four iterations of a temple medallion from Brandon Russell.  The hard truth about concept design is that a lot of your work ends up discarded, no matter how hard you worked on it or how much you like it.The critiques are tough, pragmatic, and to the point, and it takes a thick skin sometimes.  Art's not for sissies!

Another beautiful landscape from Brandon for the film "The Offering"

Castles and Temples

A few designs by Brandon, Joyce, Jon, and Steve for different films; one set in India and one one an island near Japan.  I really like the clarity and creativity of these drawings - clean and highly useful to the modelers.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Practical Modeling is a big part of the Cogswell Entertainment Design concentration.  Thomas Applegate is one of the best sculptors in California and teaches Beginning, Figure, and Character Sculpture, as well as courses in painting and illustration.  We think our students' work is among the best you will find, as you can see in this and the following pieces -- just a small sample of what is created here!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Jake Simabuku

Kraken, from Jake's series based on Clash of the Titans, this time set in the folklore of Hawaii.  


Really nice take on a subject that is hard to make unique.